My BIMx Submission for BIMx Competition

As you already know (if you have read my last post), BIMx Competition is held by Graphisoft ArchiCAD for their user (professional architects and student of architecture) who have uploaded their BIMx model to the BIMx Competition site. BIMx is a new standard for design communication in the AEC/ construction industry. You could learn more about BIMx/ Virtual Building Explorer in their proper site. This competition is closed at the end of October 2011. If you are ArchiCAD user, you could upload your BIMx model into this competition before the deadline date. In this post, I’ll give some information about my submission for that competition. I hope you enjoy reading this post. 🙂

About a week ago, I had submitted these two submission into BIMx Competition. You could see those submission in these links (anyway, you could liking those BIMx model – the like button is located below the house render image). Here are the links:

Please vote my BIMx submissions by going to these two links mentioned below and clicking the like button which located below the house render image. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. 🙂

1. Puri – Balinese Architecture House

2. Puri – Balinese Architecture House with GI

If you have a question: why did I submit two model of BIMx to this competition? If you have that question on your mind, I’d glad to answer it. The different both of them is only in the visualisation view. On the first one, the BIMx model was uploaded without render finalisation (without GI). That’s way the file size is only 18 MB which dedicated to those who owned low-mid machine. On the second one, the BIMx model was rendered with Global Illumination (have nicer visualisation) which the file size is around 25 MB and dedicated for those who owned mid-high end machine. Feel free to compare the two of them if you want to.

Here are some render images for that Puri – Balinese Architecture House for illustration purposes. For your addition information, I had submitted these render images to the architectsjury.

Puri is one of Balinese traditional house which owned by the people who have “satria kasta” in their bloodline. In this assignment design, I had given more focus about the tropical architecture, the open space and the philosophy called “Tri Angga” (philosophy concept that describe building as human body) for the main concern of the concepts.

In this image, you could see the main entrance for the building. I use these kind of door (“gebyok” and “pintu kuadi”) in order to give the traditional feeling when someone try to through pass. In front of “gebyok” door, I had made unique exposed ceiling which rich of Balinese painting as decoration. In addition, there is hanging lamp in the center of this unique exposed ceiling. The column itself were designed and riches of Balinese pattern as decoration.

This is the render image that describe the entrance pathway for this house. In the Balinese Architecture, you could enjoy the feeling of space from three direction: floor, wall, and the roof. In example, as you could see, the rafter in the roof were extremely exposed which used as unique ceiling.

As you could see, the exposed rafter in the right side of the roof. The Balinese painting could easily seen in this section. The living room, dining, kitchen and bed room are in the left side of this image.

Another section of this house. The rafter and uniqe exposed ceiling could easily seen in here.

At last, I’m glad if you have voted my submissions. In case you haven’t voted yet, please vote my BIMx submission by going to this link and clicking the like button which located below the house render image.

1. Puri – Balinese Architecture House

2. Puri – Balinese Architecture House with GI

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “My BIMx Submission for BIMx Competition

  1. Jared Banks

    I’m very impressed with this model. How did you go about doing some of the details? Is it mostly complex profiles? I’d love to see some how-to steps about how you built some of the more intricate details. If you want, I’d love to have you guest post about it on my blog.

    1. iketsa

      @Jared: Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comments. I am happy to hear that. Yup, that was quite right. I used some of complex profiles in order to get that model. Such as the model of the columns, the exposed unique ceiling, the ornament in the roof top (which called murda-bajra), any ornament that appear in that model, “paduraksa”, etc. For the columns itself as example, I made the general shape of the column in the initial procces, then I made some extra profile for the additional ornament (the ornament shapes that looks like rectangular ornament and flower inside it). Sure, I’d love to share these proccess into your blog. Thank you for your offering. I feel honoured.

    1. iketsa

      Hii Jared, I have got the global idea and I have written the idea about my post as guest blogger for your blog. I had saved your e-mail address in my e-mail address contact. I’ll be rocking this night in order to finish the post. I’ll send you an e-mail if my post has finished. I hope I could finish it by tomorrow morning. I’ll contact you soon.

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  3. Fanny

    this one is seriously bleeding cool. Thanks for sharing
    Do you have any intention of making model for other kasta? Brahmana, sudra, etc2.
    I’m looking forward to it.

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